Medical Genetics

Test Requisition
PDF Autism Testing Feb 15, 2017
PDF Biochemical May 31, 2017
PDF Cytogenetics Feb 15, 2017
PDF Global MAPS® (Metabolomic Assisted Pathway Screen) Jan 5, 2017
PDF Inherited Eye Disorders Feb 15, 2017
PDF Mitochondrial Feb 15, 2017
PDF Molecular Diagnostic Feb 17, 2017
PDF Phenylalanine Determination - Blood Spot Jan 5, 2017
PDF Total BluePrint Panel Jan 5, 2017


Test RequisitionUpdated
PDF Cytogenetics - Product of Conception Jan 5, 2017
PDF Prenatal Comprehensive Jan 5, 2017
PDF Prenatal Chromosomal Microarray Analysis & Cytogenetics Jul 5, 2016
PDF PreSeek Non-Invasive Prenatal Gene Sequencing Screen Aug 17, 2017

Whole Exome

Effective July 3, 2017 the Proband Whole Exome Sequencing requisition and the Postnatal Trio Whole Exome Sequencing requisition will be combined and replaced by the WES Advantage requisition. Along with an exome test, you have the option of ordering Global MAPS, CMA, and/or mtDNA Analysis on the WES Advantage requisition.

Test RequisitionUpdated
PDF Adult Screening Exome Sequencing Jan 3, 2017
PDF Custom Family Sequencing Jan 5, 2017
PDF Custom Proband Sequencing Jan 5, 2017
PDF Proband Whole Exome Expanded Report Jan 19, 2017
PDF Prenatal Trio Whole Exome Sequencing Jan 5, 2017
PDF Additional Affected Sibling for Trio

Jan 5, 2017

PDF WES Advantage

Jul 6, 2017

*Consents for Trio Whole Exome and Proband Whole Exome Sequencing in Arabic, French, and Spanish are available on our Consent Forms page.

Cancer Genetics

Test RequisitionUpdated
PDF Hereditary Cancer Jun 29, 2017
PDF Overgrowth Mutation Panel Jan 5, 2017
PDF Tumor Analysis - Molecular and Cytogenetic Testing Mar 22, 2017

Carrier Testing

Test RequisitionUpdated
PDF GeneAware Jan 5, 2017