To strengthen its image and market position, the company rebrands with a powerful new value proposition, look-and-feel, and messaging focus.

“The need for simplifying and amplifying our message was a key factor in rebranding,” said Gary Huff, Baylor Genetics President and CEO. “In a crowded field of genetic start-ups, our history of genetic innovation, groundbreaking research and comprehensive interpretations of the most difficult genetic challenges needed to be front-and-center.”

Huff explained further, “Our new identity - firmly associated with the Baylor College of Medicine and partnership with the Human Genome Sequencing Center - plays to those strengths and to the needs of today’s genetic counselors, physicians, payers and patients who require in-depth answers and support.”

The rebranding process, which included extensive client and prospect research, allowed the organization to address client needs with operational improvements as well as a more relevant messaging strategy. The resulting tagline, Ready With Answers,” clearly articulates the new value proposition.

A Refreshed Visual System

The Baylor Genetics Idiogram speaks to Baylor’s long history in genetics, as the laboratory was among the first to introduce karyotyping. It also serves as a graphic representation of the business; multiple strips and gradients highlight the multitude of tests it performs, and its color palette conveys a sense of energy and approachability. Bolder photography and iconography will also be incorporated into websites, social platforms, and collateral.

An Operational Opportunity

The value proposition will be deployed operationally, too. The company is undergoing improvements that reflect the Ready With Answers theme, including improved turnaround times, customer service support, user-friendly billing, and innovative genetic counseling services.

“As an organization, we remain steadfastly committed to our institutional and private-practice clients, as has been the case for over three decades. Yet, this new representation of Baylor Genetics clearly shows that we are evolving by expanding new test offerings, forging into new markets, and differentiates our leadership position in the genetics and genomic industry,” added Huff. “Miraca Holdings, our majority shareholder, will continue to guide us in executing operational improvements and running a stronger, more efficient business.

The value proposition - founded in academics and driven by discovery, Baylor Genetics delivers the most comprehensive and accurate answers to genetic challenges - extends to all customer channels.

For Baylor Genetics Clients

When patients need to know, Baylor Genetics is ready with answers to even the most complex questions. Our consultative approach, massive database of cases and comprehensive interpretations empower our clients to deliver accurate and confident results to their patients.

For Baylor Genetics Managed Care Partners

Baylor Genetics delivers the most diverse and comprehensive tests to healthcare providers and their patients. Our genetic expertise leads to more accurate and thorough interpretations, which means fewer retests and more cost savings.

For Baylor Genetics Patients

From routine genetic tests to the most complex cases, our historical expertise, combined with world-renowned geneticists, can answer questions about the broadest range of concerns for their families.

"It is a very exciting time to be an employee of Baylor Genetics, and our refreshed brand, logo and value proposition reflect our enthusiasm and focus on providing our clients and their patients with the most comprehensive information possible," continued Huff. "Our brand transformation better represents the company’s founding, and where it’s headed in the future.”

The company unveiled its new brand at Baylor Genetics headquarters on July 14th, in the heart of Houston’s Texas Medical City, to over 200 genetic professionals and invited guests.